Finding Affordable Health Insurance Information


Health insurance offers you low monthly premiums that can save you a lot of money when faced with high health care costs. Health insurance also helps you pay for prescription drugs and sometimes dental care. When you buy insurance coverage through your employer, you both agree to cover a portion of your individual health insurance costs — usually a set dollar amount or percent of the costs. Under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) your health insurance premium will be increased significantly, but this change will not affect your health insurance information.

The Facts: Health insurance does affect your health insurance information. The Facts indicates, “State law requires most people to at least have health insurance or a federal Medicaid program that is designed to cover their health care needs.” You do not have to take out long-term care insurance under this act. If you don’t have health insurance and want to choose an HMO or PPO health insurance plan, you must go through a waiting period. This waiting period begins when you apply for your health insurance.

Most health insurance plans also provide coverage for “out of network” health care providers, such as doctors who are not part of an HMO or a PPO network. You can get a short-term policy with a lower monthly premium if you visit out-of-network providers less than twice a year. However, you will have to pay the full monthly premium for every visit.

Your Health Insurance Information: All health insurance plans give you health insurance information about what to expect in the policy and in the monthly premiums. The facts generally indicate that the premiums for this type of policy will be more expensive than those for other health insurance plans. However, you can lower your monthly premium by choosing a high deductible. Keep in mind that this will mean that you will need to pay more out of pocket if you need to use your health insurance in the event of a claim.

The Health Insurance Guide: All health insurance plans include a host of rules and regulations that you must understand. These laws and regulations are what keep most health insurance plans to operate on a day to day basis. They were put in place to protect you from unscrupulous insurance agents and health insurance companies that would see their profit margins increase by increasing the costs of health insurance. By reading your health insurance guide, you can learn what the various rules and regulations are and how you can use them to your advantage.

Your Health Insurance Plan Options: Every health insurance company has different options for coverage. You will want to find out what your options are as well as how the insurance companies underwrite them. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to health insurance coverage so it is important to talk to several different health insurance companies to get a feel for how they operate. When you speak with representatives, be sure to ask them about any available discounts that could save you money on your health insurance. Also be sure to ask about any possibility of group coverage if your employer offers any type of health insurance plan.

If you are self-employed, your health insurance information will be most sensitive. Be absolutely sure that you do not sign anything without reading it completely before doing so. If you are not sure what you are signing, seek the advice of a competent attorney. You can contact the American Bar Association for more health insurance information.

There are also many government benefits that will help you buy a health insurance plan. Check out the website of your State Health Department for more information. In many instances, you will be able to get a health insurance plan that requires very little in the way of deductibles or monthly premiums. You may also qualify for tax breaks if you buy a health insurance plan through the State or Federal government. The last way that you can find health insurance information is by talking with friends or coworkers who already have health insurance.

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